Implement Local SEO to Find Your Audience

The Benefits of Local SEO for Your Business

Are you a brick and mortar store or local business? Do you serve customers in a set location? If so, you need local SEO. 

What is local SEO?

While overall SEO tactics will help get you found online, Local SEO is geared specifically for companies that are trying to reach local customers in your area. It's a pinpointed approach that boosts your reach and helps customers find you fast. So what exactly is the difference between traditional SEO and Local SEO?

Local SEO is geared to grab customers who are searching for your services. Think of the customer who needs the emergency service that you provide, or a customer that wants to purchase a last-minute gift and happens to be blocks from your store. In both of these cases, your customer searching online will be searching on their mobile device or entering a search request on their computer. Local search helps you rank on the first page in a special section, with a contact number and an easy way to find you.

Traditional SEO is geared toward getting your website's keywords a high ranking in the search results. Local SEO is geared to help your business get found by the people in your local area who are looking for your services. At Kinetiks, we specialize in creating a local SEO strategy that helps get you found by the people who are interested in buying your goods and services.

How Your Business Location Impacts Your Rankings

When using local SEO tactics, you want to make sure that your content uses keywords that reflect your location. But your on-page SEO is only part of the strategy. Local search results are improved by reviews, local mentions, backlinks, and more. 

At Kinetiks, we can help you obtain customers looking for your business in your local area. .

The search engines prioritize the searcher's search terms. This means that when a local searcher is looking for a business in the area, the search results are likely to match them with quality content that hits the mark on their search terms. Your location, or nexus, is one of the search criteria that the search engines will return in the search results. You can increase your odds of getting found online by employing great local SEO strategies that help the client find you, right when they need you.

Online Business Listings Improve Local Search

Have you heard of Google My Business? Google My Business is free tool that allows you to manage your business's online presence. Optimizing Google My Business increases the potential to rank your business higher in the search results. When combined with a solid local SEO strategy, it can help get you found on the first page of Google. Depending on the competition in your area, that's a huge win and will get you more customers. What does all of that mean for your local SEO strategy?

At Kinetiks, we have experience optimizing Google My Business accounts that use the targeted keywords for your target audience. With your Google My Business page, you'll show up on local maps, Google search results, the local 3-pack and your real-world location is easy for your customers to find. Google Business account ownership helps you put all the pieces together so your customer can find you on a whim, or after carefully researching their needed purchase.

Put the power of Google to work for you.

National and Local Citations and Why They Matter

Have you thought about obtaining citations for your business? They should be a key part of your SEO strategy, and they're especially important for local SEO. 

At Kinetiks, we have a wealth of experience working with clients to implement a plan to obtain citations.. Whether this means writing guest articles to build your local credibility or getting your business listed on sites that reference your business, these can include Yelp, Superpages, Bing, Apple Maps, etc. These are an important piece to ranking well in your local market.

Each geographic location has its own industry and public channels that can help your business thrive. We help you target your ideal customer, and garner attention in the places where they're likely to see you.

How Content Affects Your Rankings

Writing website content is where most people concentrate their time when optimizing their website. While it's not the only aspect of SEO that improves your results, it is important. The content on your website needs to offer value, include geographic information, and answers for your customer's questions.

At Kinetiks, we're skilled at developing content that authentically represents your company and brand, while bringing together the technical SEO aspects that help improve local ranking.

Don't settle for content that includes the bare minimum. You need high quality, compelling and tailored content that really engages your customers.

Reviews and Your Reputation Management

For local SEO, navigating the world of online reviews is an essential component. Reviews are one of the many ways potential customers decide whether they want to spend money at your business. For your business, this means a solid commitment to reputation management.

At Kinetiks Consulting, we believe that honest, dependable, and customer service oriented reputation management works best. We work to help you understand your reviews, cultivate honest reviews from your customer base, and manage ongoing communications to address all customer comments on your platforms and third-party review sites.

Do You Need Local SEO to Propel Your Business?

If you're looking for an expert in local SEO to help your business increase in rank and conversion, contact Kinetiks Consulting today.

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