How the Hub and Spoke Model Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website

You have a website for your business and you have all the pages and blog posts in place. But when is the last time you looked at the SEO rankings and authority of your content? Do you have a content marketing strategy that translates to revenue-generating leads? 

If the performance of your content is hit or miss, you might want to consider a new approach to how you organize your content. That's where the hub and spoke model comes in.  

Content marketing isn't a numbers game. To get the best possible outcome from your website, you must have a smart strategy in place. Below, we explain how creating hub and spoke content works and how it will make a night-and-day difference for your business.

How Does the Hub and Spoke Model Work?

When creating content for your blog or business website, think of the hub and spoke model as a bicycle wheel. You have the hub, which is the center of the wheel, and the spokes that branch out from there. If these two components aren't properly connected, the wheel simply won't work. 

In today's SEO-driven market, your website won't perform to its fullest potential if there is a disconnect between the two. 

The hub serves as the content anchor. This is where visitors can find everything they need to know about your business organization, as well as a specific product or topic. The spokes are the subtopics, blog posts, articles, and subpages that all lead back to the hub. Spoke content provides in-depth information regarding a much broader topic. 

For example, your website may consist of a hub page that includes general information on blogging platforms. You may also have a subtopic on how to write or format a blog. If your goal is to generate traffic to the hub page and encourage visitors to use your blogging platform, then there should be a connection between the spoke content and the hub. 

A strong relationship between the hub and spoke pages will transform more page clicks into revenue-generating leads. Plus, the hub and spoke model is a great way to boost your authority around a certain topic, increase your SEO ranking, and drive more traffic to your site. 

Why Should I Consider the Hub and Spoke Model?

There are many benefits to employing the hub and spoke model. For one, it will improve the structure of your site and create a better user experience – which translates into more traffic to your site. In turn, your hub content will have a greater presence in SERPs.

It also allows you to place more emphasis on key topics that are relevant to your business, not just keywords. You can create a comprehensive overview of a topic in a hub page, and then cover specific details linked to the topic in the spoke pages. When quality content is organized this way, your site is far more likely to be recognized by Google as a reliable and authoritative source of information. 

Authoritative hub and spoke content tends to result in more leads and backlinks, which will have a positive impact on your SERPs.

How to Create Hub and Spoke Content

Now that you have a basic understanding of how the hub and spoke model works, let's dive right into the content. Effective content marketing using the hub and spoke model should include the following eight steps:

  1. Research keywords to find topics. Your content strategy should begin with a list of short and long-tail keywords that your audience is likely to search. This should be the foundation for building in-depth topics. 
  2. Build your hub page around a topic generated from the keyword with the highest search volume.
  3. Build your spoke pages around long-tail keywords that related to the primary keyword.
  4. Organize your URL structure to include your hub page and a spoke (folder). For example, the URL structure for your hub page might read like, and a spoke page would read 
  5. Write detailed, compelling, and well-structured content that includes visual elements.
  6. Promote both hub and spoke pages via social media and email lists.
  7. Track the overall performance of both the hub and the spoke pages using Google Analytics
  8. Make improvements to existing pages and articles to boost their SEO performance. 

Let Kinetiks Consulting Help You Build Your Hub and Spoke Strategy

Kinetiks Consulting specializes in delivering high quality, SEO-driven content for our clients. If you need help writing and organizing content on your site, contact us. Our team of experts will devise an effective content marketing strategy that gets results. 


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