4 Reasons Why You Need to Find a New WordPress Hosting Provider

In today’s digital world, your web hosting company is a vital extension of your business. If your web host isn’t providing you with the level of service you need, no one can blame you for making changes.

WordPress hosting still reigns supreme in online presences, supporting large multinational enterprises and small businesses alike. Almost 40% of the internet runs on WordPress – this means you have options.

In this blog, we’ll look at four telltale signs that you may need to change your WordPress hosting provider.

4 Signs You Need to Switch Your WordPress Hosting Provider

Benchmarking your web host’s current performance against the industry standards can help you determine whether a change is necessary. The criteria listed below will help you understand the average service levels you should expect from your provider.

If you find that you need to make a change, remember that it’s not that difficult to switch hosting providers.

Here are the four signs to look for when evaluating your current WordPress web host.

1. Loading Times Matter

The time it takes your site to load matters a lot. A one-second delay reduces views by as much as 11% while customer satisfaction drops by 16%, and it only gets worse from there.

According to Hosting Tribunal:

  • A site that takes four seconds to load will have a 90% bounce rate
  • For every second your site fails to load, your conversion rate drops by 7%
  • Shops that generate $100,000 per day will lose $2.5 million in revenues per year from a one-second delay

Measure your site’s loading times, and if it takes anything longer than two seconds, you’ll want to ask your WordPress host to optimize their performance. Failure to do so means you need to switch.

2. Downtimes Means Your Closed

Suppose someone is looking online for a product. They click on your site in the results, only to return a click with a “site not available” message. In that instance, you are losing respect. You likely have one chance to engage that prospective customer online. Unlike brick and mortar stores, they won’t come back tomorrow.

Your downtimes should be scheduled, you need to be informed, and ideally, you’ll be able to notify your customers. Ensure this is part of your agreement with your WordPress hosting provider.

3. Reconsider the Costs

Comparing available plans can help you find more affordable offers that include all the services and support to run your online business. Your WordPress host should be able to tell you exactly what services and features you are paying for and not include any unnecessary tools in your bill.

4. Your WordPress Host Should Be Available

Finally, your host needs to respond to your requests and take action if you aren’t getting the performance you expect. The support staff should be:

  • Knowledgeable about the latest WordPress technologies and plugins
  • Able to guide you through administration tasks
  • Available across multiple digital channels and reachable by phone

If you aren’t getting these services as part of your hosting agreement, you should look for a better deal.

Trust Kinetiks with Your WordPress Hosting Needs

The good news is that if you need to switch your hosting provider, you can trust Kinetiks with all your WordPress site’s needs. We can take care of all your WordPress hosting requirements, including SEO, maintenance, and cybersecurity with a team of dedicated professionals available whenever you need them.

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