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What we do

Digital marketing catered to your needs

The world of online marketing is out there for those who want to grab it. But why not get some help and resources along the way?

Kinetiks Consulting is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to market your business and capture the attention of your Customers and prospects.

Please take a moment to browse through our unique array of online marketing services. Start thinking about any or all that would function well together to meet your needs and bring you the results you want to see.

Want to drive more traffic to your website 

Website Care Packages

Focus on your business and what matters

Free Site Hosting

Our care plans come with blazing fast reliable secure hosting with full support.

WordPress Maintenance

We will keep your WordPress site up to date. This includes core updates, plugins and anything else needed to keep your site humming. 

Site Backups

We back-up your site daily and retain 30 days of backups so you don't have to.

Site Edits

Need to update a page or add a blog post? No problem, just open a ticket and we'll get on it.

Hack Prevention

We take your site seriously and make sure it is safe from nefarious individuals. If there is a hack, we will clean up the mess.


We provide a monthly website report showing the work completed and website metrics.

Website Care Plans

Your website is essential for your business and needs maintenance to run smoothly. We help you concentrate on what matters most and take the other tasks like backups, security checks and updates off your hands.


Simple, fast and just for you





  • No annual contracts
  • Managed website hosting
  • SSL Cert included
  • Professional security plugin
  • WordPress Updates
  • Daily backups
  • Daily malware/security scans
  • 1 hr of website edits per month
  • Uptime monitoriing
  • Business hours support
  • Privacy policy, terms of service, disclaimer - automatic updates

Includes everything in Basic and Business Plans




  • Support 24/7
  • Priority support
  • 5 hrs of website edits per month
  • SEO monitoring and reporting
  • Quarterly consulting call
  • 50% off website refresh

Website care Faq

Is there an initial setup fee?

It depends. If this is a WordPress site that's never been in our care, then we will need to evaluate the website for any issues. If after the evaluation we find the website doesn't meet our standards, then we can discuss how much work will be involved to fix the site. If the site passes our evaluation, no additional charges will be billed.

Can I cancel at any time?

Our contracts are month to month and can be cancelled at any time. We don't give partial refunds, but will continue to support your website for the remainder of the month and you will not be charged for the next month. 

Do you only support WordPress sites?

Yes, currently we only support WordPress sites. We can recommend other agencies for Drupal or Magneto support. Another option is to convert your current site to the WordPress platform.

How am I billed?

The credit card associated with your account will be charged at the beginning of each month. Apply Pay and Google can also be used to pay for your subscription.

Will I have full access to my site?

Yes, you will always have full access to your site.

Can I keep my current hosting?

Yes, we will support your site on your current host and will work with your hosting support for any issues that may arise.

Protect your

Website Investment

Your website is the cornerstone to your business and needs regular maintenance. Just like your car or home need regular care and repairs to keep them in proper condition. Neglecting maintenance will eventually lead to issues.

Search Engine Optimization Phoenix


Phoenix Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a prevalent and impactful marketing strategy. However, it changes nearly every day as new search traffic continually shifts keyword rankings, and the most current and popular topics shift.

We know the ins and outs of SEO fluctuation and can guide you through the landscape–with stellar results. We happily provide you with a report on the keywords we feel are best for meeting your goals and the strategy we recommend using with them. Learn more about SEO.

Local SEO Search Strategy

When you take SEO principles and apply them at the local level, you should make some adjustments to identify and target your desired audience and build their interest in your business. Learn more about local SEO.

local search
map search

Map Search Optimization

Optimizing Google Maps for more productive searches is a relatively new SEO option. A customer looking for a specific location on Google Maps might notice the labeled businesses in the vicinity. We make sure one of them will be yours!

Blog and Content Marketing With Link-Building

A robust content marketing strategy is one of the pillars of the best websites. It provides informative content and helps influence consumer behavior to boost sales and increase interaction between your brand and the customer.

Building excellent links to blog articles cornerstone content improves your SEO. They also direct your site's users to more information about the topics they went there to explore, thus boosting their interest and engagement. Learn more how content marketing can help your business grow.

blog content

How Can We Help?

WordPress Maintenance

We make sure your website is always running smoothly and everything is updated and backed up. 

Search Engine Consulting

Drive more customers to your site today and increase your income by ranking higher on Google. 

Content Marketing

We research and publish the content that is going to resonate with your potential customers.


What they say

Scott Blumenshine

Scott Blumenshine 


We've had a lot of SEO companies in the past, but Kinetiks is far and above the best SEO/Marketing team we've had the pleasure of partnering together.

Mark Mueller

Mark Meuller-Eberstein

Founder - Adegtec

I sincerely thank you for all the support throughout the years.

We Build Digital Marketing Campaigns

Wherever you are in your business's lifecycle, the staff at Kinetiks Consulting are here to help you get on the right track for success. Whatever you might have done already in marketing, we can pick up whatever challenges or experience gaps you might be facing. We're a collaborative organization that assists our clients both individually and as a team.

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